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How I chose a bottle that helped my baby nurse

Nuk bottlesHold your horses! I know bottle feeding is a controversial topic and so many of you are opposed to it, but the facts are simple: not every mom is blessed with enough breast milk or the ability to stay home and provide it to their babies. So here’s how I picked the perfect bottle for my kid, which involved some very inappropriate behavior in public. (more…)

Dairy-Free Cranberry Oat Lactation Cookies

cranberry cookiesLactation cookies are a great and delicious way to increase your milk supply, but many of them contain butter, which can cause colic and does terrible things to your already-battered (yes! pun intended!) body.
These fuss-free cookies use coconut oil–another galactogogue and brain booster–instead of butter, making them both fuss-free and guilt-free (as much as that’s possible with a cookie!).