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Beet, Apple and Carrot Salad

Beets apples carrots

Photo borrowed from the Hungry Husky! Thank you!

Sweet root veggies are all powerful milk boosters that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, but sadly beet, the queen of all root veggies, doesn’t taste that great on her own. The lemon and apple in this salad neutralize the earthiness of the beet. But it won’t prevent your pee turning red, so be aware of that.


Veggie-Loaded Meatballs

Veggie Loaded MeatballsGetting kids, and moms, to eat their vegetables is a tricky task, but this simple  meatball recipe hides three of mother nature’s most powerful, milk-boosting superfoods: carrots, beets and kale.
All of these help increase milk supply, and provide essential nutrients, as well as adding both flavor and fiber in place of breadcrumbs. While cooking, the vegetables release their juices, forming a beautifully savory pan sauce that would go great over barley, millet, polenta or potatoes, all of which help build a nutritious supply of milk!

Colorful Kale Salad

 Colorful Kale Salad

One day I was at the grocery store with my father, he asked me why I was buying beets and kale. “Because they are healthy, dad!” He shrugged his shoulders, and in his signature, thick German accent he said: “That’s what we used to feed to our cows and horses in winter. And for what it’s worth, the cows always had great milk.”
Thanks, dad! (more…)