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Sweet Harvest Barley Salad

Sweet Harvest Barley SaladThis recipe is a fall dish, filled with the rich, deep flavors and abundance of Thanksgiving: rich bacon, intensely sweet dried fruits, and delicate, chewy barley.
Many people don’t know Barley, even though in other parts of the world it’s a staple for families and breastfeeding moms. It is rich in iron, magnesium and vitamin B6, which is the perfect combination for moms on the the go.
This recipe is vegetarian, but feel free to add turkey for an extra protein boost. You can also sub the butter for walnut or pumpkin oil, with equally delicious results.

Dairy-Free Cranberry Oat Lactation Cookies

cranberry cookiesLactation cookies are a great and delicious way to increase your milk supply, but many of them contain butter, which can cause colic and does terrible things to your already-battered (yes! pun intended!) body.
These fuss-free cookies use coconut oil–another galactogogue and brain booster–instead of butter, making them both fuss-free and guilt-free (as much as that’s possible with a cookie!).